ETNA ARCHITECT is a modern tool for governing complex software projects
ETNA ARCHITECT creates metadata design for the SW project, specifies data components, defines systems relations, dependencies and ownerships
Etna Architect in your development process
ETNA ARCHITECT enables robust management of the services dependencies. It specifies every service data structure, provides versioning, controls data publications and subscriptions
Cloud implementation
The implementation can be multi-cloud, multi-component and multi-platform. One of the inherited benefits of cloud deployment is the availability of multiple platforms compared to a single platform in on-premises implementation. ETNA Architect enables efficient data transfer and deployment to the required platforms
Data Lake orchestration
ETNA Architect allows users to document incoming data, get a full clarity on data structures and data ownership
Implementation example
ETNA Architect for DEVELOPER
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ETNA Architect for ARCHITECT
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ETNA Architect for enterprise CTO
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ETNA Architect improves the team’s productivity, especially for remote teams. The development task can be formalized as a model with related issues and then shared with the responsible team. Architecture development history always stays in ETNA Architect.
Metadata design
Comprehensive metadata design for datasets, interfaces and pipelines
Software evolution control
By versioning and publications/ subscriptions contract management
Pipelines allow to visualize data flow between the applications. Items of pipeline can input data from subscription to other applications, datasets of current application or outputs of current pipeline. Items of pipeline are connected with interfaces
Git integration
Project metadata (JSON schemas) is automatically uploaded to Git repository and can be accessed in the code
Swagger schema support
ETNA Architect allows developers to export interface descriptions to Swagger compatible Open API format
Dataset import from JSON schema or object
Generated collection of datasets is required to support of objects in schema
JSON schema for Dataset
This function allows to generate JSON schema for dataset in Layout. This schema can be used in open source tools for schema validation
ETNA Architect allows the authorized user to classify data and define access rights, like multilevel PII data. Pub/Sub feature of ETNA Architect clearly shows who is subscribed to which data and allows the authorized user to see who uses PII data. Tool supports data access approval workflow
Documentation on a fly
Documentation of your data architecture is always up to date and can be exported as HTML document
All ETNA developers are full time in-house employees. ETNA has been building enterprise software applications since 2002 for both Fortune 500 companies and startups. We are proud to facilitate the launch of many FinTech startups
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